Thursday, 25 October 2012

60 Anni di Made in Italy

The Montemartini centre was the first public power plant to produce electricity for Rome.
 It opened at the beginning of the 1900s on the Via Ostiense, between the General Markets and the left bank of the Tiber.

 The history of the new exhibition space for the Musei Capitolini in the former Giovanni Montemartini Thermoelectric Centre, an extraordinary example of industrial archaeology converted into a museum, began in 1997 with the transfer of hundreds of sculptures to the new location during the restructuring works carried out across much of the Capitoline complex.

The exhibition was entitled “The machines and the gods”: it put side by side two diametrically opposed worlds, those of classical art and industrial archaeology..


"Statue of a man wearing Toga"

Our professoresa for Disegno per La Moda, giving us brief story about the sculpture.

"Statue of Apollo"

"Statuette of Latona with Apollo and Artemis fleeing from the python snake"

"Statuette of Asclepius"

"Head of divinity with Diadem"

"Head of a Divinity"- copy after the Greek original in fourth century BC. During the 18th century restoration it was placed on a statue of Poseidon standing in the Villa Borghese.

"Statue of Aristogiton"- First century copy after the bronze in 477 BC. Found from Capitoline hill-side in 1938.

"Decoration from the pediment of the temple of Apollo Sosianos with a scene of fighting between the Greeks and the Amazons"

"Statue of Fortuna Huiusce Diei"- colossal fragment such as the right arm, the head and the feet date back to 101 BC. Found from the Sacred area in  Largo  Argentina in 1925.

"Statue of a Seated Muse"-created to embellish the scenery of the Theatre of Pompeius.Found from Via Arenula from the area where the Theatre of Pompeius once stood. (1889)

"Group of Satyrs and a Nymph"

"Statue of Niobe's son"

"Bean-shaped Cup with Snake-shaped Handles"- Created during the early Imperial age.. Found from Horti Maecenati in 1875.

"Mosaic with Hunting Scenes"- created in fourth century AD. Found from Horti Liciniani, near the church of S.Bibiana in 1904.

"Sandaled foot of a Colossal Statue"-created in late first century BC. Found from Via Appia in 1872.
"Statue of Agrippina"-Inspired by late 5th-aerly 4th century prototypes, the statue was dedicatedin the temple of Claudius on th Caelian Hill.. Found from the excavation sites for military hospital on the Caelian Hill in 1885.

"Frieze from the internal decoration of the temple of Apollo Sosiano with a triumphal procession"


Worn by Audrey Hepburn!

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